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TinyPaw-Linux | what it is and isn't
In case there is, was or would be any confusion on the subject. TinyPaw-Linux was created and designed for the sole purpose of wireless device, access point and / or network auditing with little to or no thought for anything else unrelated to this. Quite simply this distribution was designed to serve this purpose and this purpose only.

Things you can count on:

1.) Constantly updated and developed tools, scripts, libs, and core.

2.) The exclusion of just about any feature unrelated to the sole purpose listed above.

3.) A consistent yet non-defined release cycle.

4.) Striving for compatibility with older - newer hardware and wireless devices.

5.) Always taking into consideration the likes, dislikes and wants of this community.

Things you can count out:

1.) Never will there be a thought for a more modernized or feature rich desktop environment / window manager.

2.) Never will there be a thought for multimedia libs / architecture that exceed the needs of the terminal, default tools, window manager and / or basic functionality of whatever web browser may have been included by default in a release build.

3.) Never will there be a thought for any tool and / or software that DOES NOT in someway relate to the sole purpose of TinyPaw-Linux.

4.) Never will there be a thought of expanding upon the sole purpose of TinyPaw-Linux.

I think that just about sums it up, this has been the projects mission statement since the start and will continue to be. I thank the various communities and users for your support!

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