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Where's the appsbrowser/package manager?
Effective as of release v1.3

Very simple - the core utility is still present, the wbar launcher icon was removed via the removal of the appbrowser *.desktop file from the Xprogs package. Along with this then mirrors package has been removed as well removing the TCL repository listings from the appbrowser utility. Why? Quite simply at this point initiating any core update via the TCL repositories or downloading packages that fetch dependencies and write over existing TinyPaw core or lib files will render your installation unstable and more then likely unusable. At this time I do not have a dedicated repository that can be listed in the mirrors extension and accessible via the appbrowser utility and to minimize accidental system corruption the tools accessibility has been buried but not removed for the hope of being able to provide an accessible repository in the future.

At this time, as a build release is rolled out it is as up to date as it will be until the next build is rolled out. Any packages or libraries released in between can be installed manually as has been documented across this forum and others.

For more information on the risks of updating or writing over TP extension with ones fetched from the TCL repository please view this wiki page from the TinyPaw-Linux sourceforge page:

For more information on the process of manually installing packages , libs or updates please view this thread on installing packages:

Otherwise if you are booting and running TinyPaw as LIVE then you need not worry about applying additional updates or packages - wait for the next release build is published.

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