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TP 1.3 and Wifite PMKID Attack
Also, important to note - once you terminate wifite "cntl+c" the temporary folder located within the system /tmp/ directory will wipe - stall wifite2 with one use of "cntl+c" to stall attack process and collect the *.pcapng file generated in your /tmp/wifite****/ directory and copy to /home/tc/hs for use with wpapcap2john - or open your terminal/cli from within your /tmp/ wifite directory and run wpapcap2john selecting the wifite generated *.pcapng as your input file.
Then, I tried, open terminal in hs folder, and type the command as you posted, as on other day, I tried also directing, but anyway, the new pcapng file is not make in hs folder, I tried take original pcapng from Wifite folder, but is deleted immediately after conversion, is incredible how Wifite do not give any option to use pcapng as output, but thanks all your help,

Then, about use the tools direct, is possible, but is more work, is good select the target easily, or capture many together , in my test Wifite deleted pcapng after conversion, without close
Yes - if you read the WiFite2 github page here:

You can see the syntax they use to enact hcxdumptool in the script and then hcxtools to convert into .16800 once pmkid is confirmed - however for yourself or TinyPaw as a whole - altering this syntax in the master script may spit out raw to *.pcapng format but then you wouldn't have *.16800 hashcat format readily available - as I said this WiFite build is geared towards pairing with hashcat. However if you visit the above link perhaps it will give insight on how you would use hcxdumptool stand alone as well as hcxtools to capture and produce *.pcapng format with no hashcat conversion.
Not sure when this was published but may be some more helpful reading material for hcxtools and pmkid..

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