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WiFi-autopwner ( adjusted for TinyPaw )
Script was requested among others on the TinyPaw forum:

For the most part this script has been left "original" however some Cyrillic characters were removed and replaced with English standard UTF-8. Along with that all systemctl/systemd calls for "network-manager" have been commented out with "#" as well for TinyPaw resolution scaling all xterm -geometry executions have been modified from the default "125x50+50+0" into "100x25+50+0".

This script has not been wrapped into a squashfs extension due to it reading and writing it's own DB files in the scripts "./" directory. Unzip the script into your (home/tc/Downloads/) directory and execute from there.

What is wifi-autopwner?

WiFi-autopwner: script to automate searching and auditing Wi-Fi networks with weak security

Quoted from the project github:




1.) Download the archived file from either of the above repositories.

2.) From within your (/home/tc/Downloads/) folder open your terminal/cli and execute the following string:


3.) After the archived file is uncompressed enter the following strings in your terminal/cli

cd tp-WiFi-autopwner-master

sudo bash

4.) Enjoy~

Usage suggestion: *my personal thoughts*

- Select option 12 - "Set the interface in monitor mode"

*allow script to place your wlan# device into mon mode*

- Select option 71 - "Automated Wi-Fi network audit"

*allow script to search for "open" , "wep" , "wps" networks - using "cntl+c" to cycle thru each search phase*

- After script has searched all networks within range it will commence various automated attack vectors
Good addition, WiFi-autopwner 2, is an powerful tool, thanks, Risen have some prevision to new TP release, more or less?
Thanks for the feedback Smile

At this time new release notes are as follows: *may change by the time of release*


*Aircack-ng 1.4 suite - python3
*Airgeddon 8.11 - will be commenting out 'auto_update'
*Fern-WiFi-Cracker 2.7 - python3
*Ettercap 0.8.2 revision 2 - w compiled filters / UI
*J.T.R. - jumbo
*RouterSploit 3.x.x - python3
*WiFite2 2.2.5
*Wireshark 2.6.x - newest release build

*Additional scripts/tools but too early to note if they will be added

Removals / Changes:

-May remove Fluxion/Linset packages
-May remove east framework
-Cleaning non-essential packages and boot list

This is an informal list for the moment but an idea of where things are at the moment.

I am planning the new release build for November'ish but no later the December to mark 1 year of the TinyPaw-Linux project.

Thanks for your support!
thank you
Of course! Never a problem
bug report, Captive Portal Bypasser not working, selecting in menu nothing is done.
Thanks - I will look into this, please post in bug section from now on so other visitors can find specific bug listings.
Upon review of the bug(s) you caught in this script:

script pointing for module location was not syntax specific - certain lines needed to be adjusted as follows:


sudo bash modules/


sudo bash /home/tc/.wifi-autopwner/modules/

Some portions of this script have been translated from Russian Cyrillic - apologies!

Currently the effected modules by this syntactical error are as follows:

The included script has been adjusted for this error.


*Must have TinyPaw v1.3 installed - otherwise you will need to repeat every LIVE boot*

1.) Download

2.) Copy or cut over the existing copy located (/home/tc/.wifi-autopwner/) *will need to run PCManFM as root*

.sh (Size: 40.19 KB / Downloads: 2)

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