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Airgeddon - dhcpd.leases
Too late it would seem an issue was caught with the airgeddon script and dhcpd leasing. By default the bash script *.leases location needed to be redirected and seemingly to overcome r+rw issues the *.leases file could not be an inflated squashfs extension location. So to patch this two things need to be done:

1.) Locate and access the airgeddon directory (/home/tc/.airgeddon/)  as root

2.) Create an empty file with the name of "dhcpd.leases"

3.) Open with editor and make the following adjustment:

- Line 241, Col 33: "/home/tc/.airgeddon/dhcpd.leases"

4.) Save the adjustment you made to your file

5.) Now airgeddon will have functional Evil Twin abilities.

Instructions for patching airgeddon are available in the Xiaopan OS forum where it was originally posted:

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