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First Hi! Smile
i don't know that this forum exist because i do bot often visit
Xiapan forum and i recently see some changes there.
I must say that i am not expert in linux in fact most of
time i use win7 ( i am a hobby programmer ,most preffer win32api- hmm i know not sound good for linux)
BUT...big BUT i always liked to see small distros
and support all effort authors made in creating.
I have installed wifi-slax on my old comuter and this ditro let say
worked-ok ? i run every program on that distro.
I think that is to large for my taste.
I tested Xiapan to and work with all my wifi cards
i have on computers - they are Canyon RaLink
probably are not the best cards but with all types of antennas i build they worked fine.
Yes i like to test my antennas with wifi distros Smile
What i would like to see is more modern look if is possible in still small package.
I hope that i don't talk to much or to talk about wrong things.

Always nice to get feedback and comments! I am glad to hear that so far you like the project, this forum is pretty new - as well as still pretty empty. I created this forum to give the TinyPaw-Linux project a proper home for support, questions and news - I did not want to clutter the Xiaopan forum or others with news and support for another distro. Also, due to so much of the changes I have made to the core system, libraries and packages I did not want to create confusion or compatibility nightmares with Xiaopan or Tiny Core Linux users - so this forum was made in an effort to give TinyPaw it's own home. The project is coming up on it's year long anniversary since launch and I certainly plan on it continuing as long as i'm still alive ;p

As far as your comment for a more modern look and feel, perhaps as in a desktop environment? So, the thing about that is - the goal and nature of TinyPaw-Linux has always been and always will be tools and functionality first and everything else an after thought. Desktop environment, icon packs, anything multimedia or additional software has either been simplified or not included at all - as a system that preloads and runs entirely in system memory (RAM) I wanted to minimize anything and everything that would consume or use anymore then the bare minimum of resources upon boot or during system run. That being said there will certainly be updates and changes to wallpapers, icons, etc - but full inclusion of a modernized desktop environment is not likely to be on my to-do list.

Thank you so much for your feedback and support!
Hi r1sen

No problem Smile 
When i said more modern i mean more user friendly or maybe
something different nothing big like other  large distros
which are large without visible reason to be that big.
First i must download tinypaw
yes i don't do that yet but i will to compare
beini - xiaopan - tinyPaw
from package i see that you add Linset i like it. Wink 
all best !

What is a main difference between wifite2 and WiFite v2-r87?
i use wifite on wifiSlax and work let say fine..
Quite simply, WiFite-v2-r87 has pretty much reached its EOL life cycle as even referenced by the developer on the project github: HERE

That being said WiFite2 is the projects continuation and remastering as well as bug fixes, patches, compatibility with new tool builds, and as I continue to release each TinyPaw build with the newest compiled builds of such tools as: Aircrack-ng , Pyrit , Bully , Reaver , etc. A newer WiFite script that is under current development and updated seemed like the only way to go for compatibility and functionality. WiFite-v2-r87 is still a default package and will continue to be until its EOL has been officially declared by the author "derv82" and supported no more.

Thanks for your support.

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