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Seamonkey 2.49.4
Seamonkey extension upgraded from previous 2.49.3 build to 2.49.4 and wrapped in a squashfs *.tcz package. Current TinyPaw-Linux build (1.2Z.1) has version 2.49.3 by default, version 2.49.4 will not be included as a default package until the next TinyPaw build release. Installing and updating you seamonkey browser extension can be done in your current release build with the following instructions:

*Only for TinyPaw-Linux installed on a storage medium - LIVE runs will need to wait for following build release*

Available from either TinyPaw-Linux repository:






1.) Download both *.tcz and *.dep files from one of the above repositories.

2.) Copy both files into your (*/tce/optional/) directory.

3.) Open your onboot.lst file located within your (*/tce/) directory.

4.) Make the following changes to your onboot.lst file:
-Locate any line item containing: "seamonkey-2.49.3.tcz" and change to: "seamonkey-2.49.4.tcz"
*There may be more then one line item listing*

5.) Save the changes you've made to your onboot.lst file by either "file + save" or "cntl+s" and close your editor.

6.) Close all open windows and reboot your system.

7.) Upon reboot seamonkey 2.49.4 will be your active browser - if you are certain you will not wish to revert back to version 2.49.3 - then remove both: "seamonkey-2.49.3.tcz & seamonkey-2.49.3.tcz.dep" from your (*/tce/optional/) directory.

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