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Aircrack new libs extension - v1.2Z
Unfortunately a bug was caught with the aircrack-ng 1.2 build compiled with new libs - certain functionality with aireplay / deauth / etc stalls out. The current aircrack build is being redacted back to the previous aircrack-ng-1.2-exp build default in regular v1.2 build. Again apologies - i am one person and I hate catching bugs only too late :/

I am rolling out a patched 1.2Z.1 build to correct this issue, however for those who have installed v1.2Z instructions on correcting this issue are as follows:

1.) Download the previous aircrack-ng extension from one of the following TinyPaw repositories:

SourceForge: aircrack-ng-1.2-exp.tcz

BitBucket: aircrack-ng-1.2-exp.tcz

2.) Copy the above extension to your optional directory located at (*/tce/optional/)

3.) Locate your onboot.lst file located in your (*/tce/) directory and make the following change:

- Adjust line item #8: from "aircrack-ng-1.2-exp-libs.tcz" and change it to: "aircrack-ng-1.2-exp.tcz"

4.) Save the changes to your onboot.lst file and close your editor

5.) Reboot your system, and aircrack-ng will be fully functional again with the above listed features.

Apologies! and thanks for your support!

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