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Scripts Suggestion
Risen I know you have more important things to fix etc, but want suggest two scripts:

1: Varmacscan (on github)

this script is a bit older, but maybe this can work well today, this is an Endless WPS attacker, Pixie 'n Brute, 100% automatic, I never used it, but seem like it in description, maybe a good addition, is possible keep an dedicated WPS attacker device 24/7


2: You know the Null Pin Attack right? Then airggedon and wifite can add it some day, but they can take years ans years, and years too add it, maybe never. Have and script NullWpsPinAuto, this make an Mass Null Pin Attack, just to remember have any script in TP today to Auto Null Pin, I never used this script but seem very cool.

Is my suggestions, if possible give an look in the scripts, to me this tiny scripts seem aggressives,
I will certainly look into and evaluate both. And yes lol - once this CPU spike issue has been officially resolved then I will begin looking into these for the next release or written into extensions for download into your current TP install. Thank you for your feedback!

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