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Wifite CPU Issue
In TP 1.3.1, Wifite is using much more CPU than in v1.3, a lot more here, may be fault of wifite developer?
Hmmm... can you provide more information as to what options/arguments used etc? WiFite in 1.3.1 is the same and has not been modified from 1.3 as well the kernel is still 4.14.10 built on TCL core 9. The only difference that was made to wifite was that the bypass script was included to carry out pmkid attacks without ocl-hashcat. I will look into this, run them both and try to determine why this would be the case - both 1.3.1 and 1.3 both are using wifite2 2.2.5.

Thank you for your feedback.
Hmm... This is definitely a bug, and not entirely sure why this would be the case - have run them both, same driver, same arguments, running htop along with to monitor usages. Certainly 1.3.1 is hitting 30-40% while 1.3 hovers around 2% :/ I am addressing this now. Thank you for your time and feedback and support!
All Right

Another thing I saw is which now the 14s count, in handshake capture not show in real time, like, 3s, 2s etc, just show 14s, 14s, 14s? Just an detail...
In wifite? hmmm the only major change.. has been aircrack 1.5.2 over previous aircrack 1.4 in TP 1.3...
yes wifite, in capture, all lines show 14s, 14s, 14s, the time for next deauth
I am trying to recreate - I do notice CPU consumption, trying to determine if the issue lies in the core of 1.3.1 or possibly the new aircrack build included by default?

As I posted 1.3 had aircrack v1.4 as default - 1.3.1 was upgraded to 1.5.2

As far as your deauth times.. I cannot recreate, please view attached screenshot:

Was just captured, TinyPaw v1.3.1 fresh VM install, aircrack-ng 1.5.2 and RTL8192CU card used for capture:


Looking into this and thank you for your feedback.
strange... I don't know why... Is without any cli setting,
I have used isomaster and remastered and modified v1.3 a few different way, seemingly the noticeable hit to performance, regardless of "cpu consumption" the noticeable hit to visual and functional performance to TP seems to be with then introduction of aircrack 1.5.2.. I am looking into the original build/configure settings with this release of aircrack to try to narrow down what the cpu hog is. As far as the Deauth glitching.. I can only imagine that there is something erroneous with the latest aircrack release build and perhaps compatibility with the card/driver you are using? By default I test TP against the common chipset RT2870 / RT3070 using the RT2800USB driver. I am working towards resolving this issue as well as preventing one like this from slipping through in the future.
As you could imagine this is quite frustrating and concerning - TP 1.3.1 was literally a duplicate iso build of 1.3 with the inclusion of updated airgeddon script, aircrack and shortcuts package. The master wifite script was not modified, nor was any core drivers with the exception of including RTL8812AU wireless driver. The major fundamental changes were Hashcat 32bit, wifite/hashcat bypass script, airgeddon 8.12 and aircrack 1.5.2.. and if viewed live in HTOP the only processes really tied to wifite are the launch script "" the wifite2 python script itself and the aircrack-ng suite..

Thank you again for bringing this to my attention as I am working to resolve this and determine where this bug and / or compatibility issue is originating from.

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