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Full Version: WPA3 and Wifi Crack future
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I think which this WPA3 is very related with the future of TinyPAW, and Wifi Crack in general, also with the future of famous Kali Linux (and Nethunter), Wifite, hashcat, JTR, and others Crackywood Super Stars, because Wifi is key to all this tools, as the hashcat developer, I think the new WPA3 can be very hard to crack, to me, something like the New WPS with LOCK, Smile , someone speak which need only time to exploit WPA3, anything is 100% secure... but... still with any new exploit to New WPS, how crack WPS of an 12/2018 router? I think the WPA3 can be much more tough than New WPS, and maybe the end of New WPS too. Evil Twin is an option, but not an easy option, anyone know, and I think even it, have counted days. I think, WPA2 can survive more some time but after I can't see a good future in crack WPA3. What the wifi crackers community think about it really and sincerely?
I have been looking into new usable tools for the new WPA incantations , I have also not wanted to release prematurely tools that are inconsistent with the new standards. Evil Twin is certainly a valid approach if you are taking into consideration: Hardware and Proximity.