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Full Version: How Set Display Resolution
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I'm a new TP user, and I'm trying it in Virtualbox, virtualized the screen is square, but my monitor is widescreen, how I can set the resolution, I can't find it
Within virtual environment you need to use the drop down option menu of your VM and select "resize to VM" or "scale to VM" - TinyPaw uses Xorg and autodetects native resolution - however that can be impaired by VM settings or emulation as well.

This or you can select your VM display as "fullscreen"
Scaled is much slow, and Fullscreen is square
Different virtualization environments can impact VM resolution detection differently - I can say though TinyPaw is stripped of most display, audio, multimedia libraries other then what is conventional and needed for functionality. Traditional resolutions are supported, standard display hardware physical or emulated, this was never designed with video, gaming, web surfing, multimedia support of any kind in mind.
For instance I use exclusively use and prefer qemu/kvm - I only test on vbox to verify that it runs on vbox.
Also if using vbox check your emulated display setting - ie 2d acceleration - memory size allocated to video - cpu hardware acceleration - etc
You can try using the xrandr command from the terminal:

detects my display at default - maximum resolution in TP as 1280x768

optional configs:

I use Virtualbox because in Windows is the best option, VMware is even worse, QEMU have just an unofficial version, (with unofficial drivers?), but backing to Virtualbox, here is 1024x768, not my native resolution, and xrandr show maximum 1024x768, I know about the lightness objective of TP, but I have two big strips on sides, and is much limited the space, multiple windows is hard to use, but anyway is usable if used one thing each time,
Unfortunately using xrandr that is telling you that the emulated native driver for your virtual machine is only giving Xorg in TinyPaw of maximum 1024x768 - perhaps try configuring the display driver/settings of your vbox image / image settings. And yes - it is the native resolution being picked up by TinyPaw via the video driver being emulated thru Vbox - as I stated above - in qemu my display is 1280x768 - however usb iso boot on bare metal my display settings are more adjustable. As I mentioned various virtual environments and the hardware emulation they do effect resolution detection differently.
As I said - between qemu and then to vbox resolution detection is different despite being run from the same host system with the same display size.
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