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Full Version: TP 1.3 and Wifite PMKID Attack
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Risen, thanks for v.1.3, many bugs fixed, I waited this version much because of PMKID atack, I want try it, but I cant with v 1.3, Wifite write, Skipping PMKID, because is without hashcat dependence, I never used this attack, the new wpapcap2john have PMKID support, I ask to you: Is possible (with hashcat dependence) take the PMKID with Wifite, and convert the captured file with wpapcap2john? If the answer is Yes, is unacceptable this Wifite dependence, but..., can you add hashcat in an 1.3.1?
I.. will try, I have attempted to compile hashcat previously - it requires core dependencies for cuda/cpu core utilization which has been problematic. I have been working to get a stable hashcat build and I will continue. My apologies. Definitely do not mean to let anyone down.
If I get a stable build usable then I will release a standalone *.tcz extension and dependencies along with installation instructions there for not having to wait until the next following build release.
I use JTR in Win, but the wpapcap2john in TP can be very useful to me future, I asked about hashcat just because this PMKID attack dependence of wifite, but I think which soon new tools can support it like airggedon, but, thanks
I got it compiled - give me a few minutes to make a .tcz extension
Rebooting my test environment with the extension in added to the onboot.lst to make sure it still functions after system wipe and restart. Give me a few minutes and I will upload this package.. Perhaps I have been doing this enough since the last time I had issues with hashcat and the openCL header library..
Here you are:






1.) Download the extension from either of the above repositories.'

2.) Copy the extension to your (*/tce/optional/) directory.

3.) Open your onboot.lst file located in your (*/tce/) directory and make the following changes:

- add line item: hashcat-5.0.0.tcz

*make sure to include one extra empty line at the bottom of your onboot.lst*

4.) Save the changes you've made by either "file+save" or "cntl+s" and close your editor.

5.) Reboot your system and hashcat will be ready to use.
thanks, I'll try,
LittlePAW ,

Please let me know the results of your usage?

A member of the Xiaopan forum: https://xiaopan.co/forums/

Described that WiFite2 in his experience became unable to detect WPS? after engaging in PMKID attack with hashcat? I tried to reproduce this but WiFite2 seems to function identically with the exception of PMKID attack - I explained that in my experience relying on attack scripts to place your wireless device in and out of monitor mode can on occasion cause it to "hang" causing wash output to be nothing. Simple command line usage of airmon-ng corrects this, and I have experienced this previously as well seemingly at random. Please let me know if you experience any type of performance or functionality change when using WiFite2 with hashcat. Thanks
And going way back to your previous question - all captures with WiFite2 including PKMID with hashcat enabled are stored in your (/home/tc/hs/) directory, if wpapcap2john has pmkid support then from the command line run:

sudo wpapcap2john path_to_hs_pmkid_capture
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