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Full Version: booting with grub on a usb stick
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Can not boot the ISO, no problems with TCL 9.0 but TP 1.2Z.1 boots to base only no extentions loaded.

Booting the kernel and initrd works at least to the desktop, have not tested all the programs to see if they work.
Had to rename cde to tce and all extentions loaded.

The system can be modified which somewhat defeats TCL's inherent security of booting a pristine system every time.
For my laptop, I have to add xf86-input-synaptics to use the mouse pad and
also put a work around for the broadcom b43 wireless chip.
Make dir /lib/firmware and copy the b43 firmware to it then unload and load the modules with modprobe.
The kernel will not load them if placed in the /usr/local spot TCL usually puts them, that method may be deprecated,
and it is not a tcz that is in use for the firmware.
Still testing that chip and the ATH9k_htc which uses the firmware in the tcz.
Can the boot media be unmounted and removed? get the 'device or resource busy' error
Please explain? how are you booting? are you mounting to a hdd? vm? usb?
and are you using hybrid iso?
I guess I am installing to the usb stick similar to manually installing to a hard drive.
The iso only differ in the way they boot?
If the kernel, initrd, and extension files and directories are the same it should make no difference whether it is hybrid or not.
mount the iso on a loop and coppy files to usb, only change cde to tce.
I installed grub on the usb and then the cfg file has
### BEGIN USB MultiBoot grub.cfg ###
set default=0
set timeout=10

### END /etc/grub.d/00_header ###
submenu "TinyPawLinux"{
menuentry "TinyPaw_v1.3"{
 linux /TinyCoreLinux/tinypaw-1.3/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 loglevel=3 nozswap nodhcp multivt showapps tce=UUID=96e1ec0d-7959-4d15-a59a-76366f1d4aa9/TinyCoreLinux/tinypaw-1.3/tce
 initrd /TinyCoreLinux/tinypaw-1.3/boot/core.gz
 menuentry "TinyPaw-1.2Z.1"{
  linux /TinyCoreLinux/tinypaw-1.2z.1/boot/vmlinuz root=/dev/ram0 loglevel=3 nozswap nodhcp multivt showapps tce=UUID=96e1ec0d-7959-4d15-a59a-76366f1d4aa9/TinyCoreLinux/tinypaw-1.2z.1/tce
  initrd /TinyCoreLinux/tinypaw-1.2z.1/boot/core.gz
I can then tweek for my specific hardware and add and retain updates.
In my opinion the usb is faster than a CD.
Having more capacity I can store all my TinyPaw-Linux info and system in one place and take it with me if needed.
I understand - hybrid.iso files have been converted using isohybrid command - this is how they are writting to usb for live boot from usb. regular .iso is for cd / dvd / hdd / vm - hybrid conversion is necessary for making bootable usb stick.

All files and subsystems are identical - isohybrid converts iso for init-boot for usb device - otherwise writing standard iso to usb will cause the system to hang or loop upon booting from usb device - or requiring to boot and mount using grub^
If you view the changelog on sourceforge you will see the date and why a standard *.iso release along with a *_hybrid.iso started. As well why there is a "isohybrid" folder in the project repository on sourceforge.
I of course appreciate the posting of your grub .conf and encourage the posting of all undocumented or published using of TinyPaw-Linux as well encourage anyone and everyone to experiment with anyway they feel Smile - I have released standard and hybrid iso in the attempts for easiest boot & use.