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Full Version: New wpapcap2john for TinyPaw
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Hi, Risen, John the Ripper now added PMKID on JTR and wpapcap2john, as you know many use Linux, as TinyPaw, to capture and crack in Windows with JTR, I use x86, I use last official JTR for Win, 1.8.0-jumbo-1, it hasn't PMKID, and anyway if updated the windows version, I can't use because now JTR need SSE 4.1 and my cpu hasn't, hashcat also is uncompatible with my cpu. Can you please add the last wpapcap2john in the next TinyPaw? Can be very usefull to me and others in the same situation, without it we can't use the new PMKID atack, no need full JTR pack, only wpapcap2john, thanks.

LittlePAW ,

I have compiled JTR and built a standalone package for wpapcap2john. The package is squashfs *.tcz extension which inflates the wpapcap2john executable into the bin directory upon boot giving terminal/cli access to the executable. The entire JTR suite will be included in the next build release but as requested here is wpapcap2john.

TinyPaw forum post:


Xiaopan OS forum post:


Flie available:



thanks so much
Of course - as I posted this is the standalone extension for wpapcap2john along with installation instructions for current TinyPaw release 1.2Z.1 - however the next release build will have this and JTR full suite included.

Thanks for your support!