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Full Version: Tools Suggestions
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Hi, thanks for TinyPAW, I want suggest some tools, WiFi autopwner, because has an Reaver fix to "Failed to associate with", BoopMon, WifiPhisher, and when you can realize the new Tinypaw with Wifite with new PMK ID Atack?

First - thanks for the feedback and support - the new WiFite2 - 2.2.5 package will be included by default in the next build release. As far as other tools - I am working on a few, not to complain in any form but 99% of these *.py tools have been coded with strict systemd calls in mind - some have been easier then others to modify and rewrite. I assure you I have a laundry list of tools I plan to see included in the next releases. As of this moment you can expect to see the newest WiFite, Wireshark, RouterSploit - and always working on more - as well airgeddon update, and fluxion 5.6 which is being evaluated. Thanks again for your interest!