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Full Version: Updating TinyPaw-Linux and/or packages
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First things first, yes you can apply updates, and new packages to TinyPaw-Linux. However if you are running LIVE then you will not need to worry about that due to your system reverting to .iso default upon shutdown. Currently TinyPaw-Linux does not have repositories accessible via the "appsbrowser / package manager" , the Tiny Core Linux repositories are listed and accessible within TinyPaw as of the date of this posting. Though very important to understand, these listed Tiny Core Linux repositories SHOULD NEVER BE USED TO APPLY SYSTEM OR PACKAGE UPDATES! Yes, TinyPaw-Linux is derived from Tiny Core Linux, is it the same? No, no it is not. Many of the core system files, packages and libraries have either been updated, recompiled, modified, etc. from the parent Tiny Core Linux build and applying updates or installing system files intended for Tiny Core Linux from their repositories can certainly render your TinyPaw installation either unstable or unusable DO SO AT YOUR OWN RISK! Any updates or packages/extensions should only be obtained from the official TinyPaw-Linux repositories at: SourceForge or BitBucket and you should be have an understanding of the relationships between packages, libraries or core system files before applying updates over previous installed files. That all being said, I generally try to roll out vital core updates/patches with the .iso release cycle, any updates posted in between will certainly include instructions on installation as well as the listed dependencies needed as well, typically those posts can be found on this forum or from Xiaopan OS forums as well.

Now, why did I leave the Tiny Core Linux repositories listed in the package manager? Simple, as I said TinyPaw is still a Tiny Core derivative and thus the repositories were included to offer multimedia, imaging, office, etc. options for any user who desired to add more to TinyPaw. This is entirely a pen-test oriented system and thus has no additional applications, games, or multimedia options, that is why the Tiny Core Linux repositories were not removed from the package manager.

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A YouTube video is available for an overview of installing packages and altering your onboot.lst file: