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Full Version: Imfernal Twin
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When i surfing for hacking tools for windows i came across this one called
do you know for this tool and is there a way to see this in Tiny Paw soon?

I looked into this tool you listed, at first not recognizing the name *sooooo many rogueAP & MITM* tools to remember - one of the issues I had with configuring InfernalTwin/InfernalWireless is that it requires/depends on: Apache and MySQL. That being said Apache was not so much at all an issue including in a TinyPaw release, however currently the community source for MySQL is: 435.2Mb for just source .tar, not considering size after compiling source and / or additional dependencies for MySQL.


I can work on an extension for this tool certainly but with the size it would add to the distribution you can be sure it would not be considered ever as a default included tool in any release.
I will look back into this tool, however cannot give a time in which it would be a functional extension for TinyPaw. As I said above, due to the size it would have added to TinyPaw at the time I originally looked into InfernalTwin/InfernalWireless it was dropped from my to-do list or even my "possible" list. Thank you for your feedback.
THanks for reply..
I don't know that require mysql and that is soo large Huh
Yes there are many tools with different names but looks to me that
most of them are forks of Linset or something similar.
Mm well in a way, in the sense that most are some type of mitm / rogue ap type of framework. However airgeddon and quite a bit of others implement lighttpd for web generation along with dnsmasq, hostapd, etc..
Where as this implements Apache and MySQL .. as I said I can look into generating an extension but at the size it could add, not likely to be an included tool for TP. But thanks for your feedback and support!