About TinyPaw-Linux:

What is it and why?

Reasonable questions... The project went live in 2017 - built off Tiny Core Linux and inspired by Xiaopan OS with one goal in mind: an extremely lightweight and portable WiFi pentesting distro. One that wasn't bloated with non-essential tools and features and that could actually boot, run and perform from CD or USB. That is the goal and mission of TinyPaw-Linux.


Yes, simply put - Tiny as in lightweight and built off Tiny Core Linux, Paw is for "Passive & Aggressive WiFi", and what exactly does that mean? Passive in reference to pre-packaged tools and scripts for the passive and / or collection of packets and data without actively engaging in offensive testing and auditing. Aggressive in reference to pre-packaged tools and scripts that, unlike the previous mentioned actively engage in offensive testing and auditing - whether by DOS, bruteforce, exploitation, etc., WiFi is quite obviously the intended purpose for testing, as we all know wireless access is the achilles heel of most if not all home and / or other internet / network access. That being said, again this distribution and / or software is intended for use and testing on your own wireless network, systems and devices or any that you have explicit permision to test.

*The developer of TinyPaw-Linux does not advocate illegal activities nor do the developers of the tools and / or scripts included in this distribution or any previous and / or following.*

Ideal for?

WiFi / wireless network and systems auditing

Running from USB / Live CD / VM

Minimal system footprint and resource consumption

Intermediate - Advanced skill range

Those who would like to test and / or know the vulnerabilities of their wireless setup

Current build info:

Version: v1.4

Architecture: x86 | 32bit

Base: Tiny Core Linux

Core: 9.0

Kernel: 4.14.10-tinycore

Window Manager: Hackedbox

File Manager: PCManFM

Grep: 3.1

Pcre: 8.41

Tested VM environments:

QEMU / KVM - Virtual Machine Manager 1.3.2

CPU's 1
Memory: 1024 / 2048 / 3072Mb
Storage: 10Gb
State: Install

Oracle VM VirtualBox 5.1.34

CPU's 1
Memory: 1024 / 2048 / 3072Mb
State: Live

Tested physical environments:

Intel Core i5-7200U 2.5Ghz

Memory: 8Gb
Storage: 16Gb USB2.0
State: Live / Install

Intel G3220 3Ghz

Memory: 24Gb
Storage: 16Gb USB2.0
State: Live / Install

Intel Core2 Duo 2.2Ghz - RIP

Memory: 4Gb
Storage: 16Gb USB2.0
State: Live / Install


*Remembering the hardware and components that paid the ultimate price for TinyPaw-Linux*

• Lenovo ThinkPad T60

• Dell Latitude E6400

• Dell OptiPlex GX280 SFF

• Micron USB2.0 16Gb

• Western Digital 1Tb Green

• Alfa 9dbi Omni RP-SMA antenna

Tested wifi devices / chipsets:

Alfa AWUS036NHA: (ATHEROS - AR9271)

Alfa AWUS036H: (RALINK - RT2870 / RT3070)

TP-Link TL-WN822N: (REALTEK - RTL8192CU)

Misc. USB Devices: (MEDIATEK / RALINK - MT7601U)

Release history:

v1.4_hybrid (07.31.19) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket

v1.4 (07.31.19) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket

v1.3.1.1_hybrid (03.11.19) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.3.1.1 (03.11.19) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.3.1_hybrid (02.10.19) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.3.1 (02.10.19) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.3_hybrid (10.27.18) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.3 (10.27.18) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.2Z.1_hybrid (7.20.18) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.2Z.1 (7.20.18) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.2Z_hybrid (7.7.18) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.2Z (7.7.18) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.2_hybrid (5.23.18) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.2 (5.23.18) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.1.1_hybrid (4.7.18) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.1.1 (3.24.18) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.1 (2.5.18) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

v1.0 (12.29.17) - @sourceforge | @bitbucket EOL

Current default packages & scripts:

Type: Name:
package asleap
package create_ap
package reaver
package bully
package crunch
package cowpatty
package ettercap
package john the ripper
package hashcat
package nmap / zenmap
package hydra / xhydra
package sslstrip2 / sslstrip+
package sslsplit
package pixiewps
package aircrack-ng
package pyrit
package kismet
package wireshark
package fern wifi cracker
package mdk3
package mdk4
package hcxdumptool
package hcxtools
package scapy
package zizzania
script airgeddon
script revdk3-r3
script routersploit
script wifite2
script hiddeneye
script wifi-autopwner2

*For detailed package information please visit our forum*

Now what?

Good question, I plan to keep doing what i'm doing - maintaining, updating and continuing the TinyPaw project. I plan to keep it Core, keep it simple, functional and really just continue in the direction of a truly portable and usable distro that has practical use. What I don't plan is down the road shedding the lightweight mission and pushing out some bloated, feature rich, resource consuming desktop environment and giving everyone what everybody else already has. So, that will be something to stand by.

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